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What is Recognise The Music?

We are a collective movement championing accurate recognition for all artists across all venues and premises, supported by all music lovers worldwide.

No matter the venue, big or small, chain or independent, music sets the tone. Whether it be your local pub, your weekend spin class or your favourite chill-out café, the individuality of the music helps breathe life into ordinary spaces.

And just as certain songs can shape the mood of a room, influential artists have the same power to help transform great venues into fabled stages.

But the first step for all of these great artists to get paid with even greater accuracy is to recognise what music is being played.

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Thanks to cutting-edge technology and collaboration from some of the biggest governing bodies in the industry, we’re collectively supporting the adoption of frictionless, non-invasive solutions to tackle the challenges around public performance royalties. When tracks are individually recognised, artists can expect to be paid fairly and accurately whenever and wherever their music is played.

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By signing up to Recognise The Music, venues and premises all over the world are supporting the need for their licence fee to be distributed with the highest levels of accuracy, from the edgiest East-London eateries to the high-vaulted ceilings of the world’s grandest concert halls.

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Securing the future of music
through the fairness of accuracy

We're working with

The Pipeline, Brighton

We spoke to Pipeline owner Thomas Evrenos about the history of the space and the bar's piece de resistance for consuming music.

229, London

Operations Manager Stuart Ellerker talks us through developing the 229 brand to both support the growth of up and coming artists and accommodate high profile names.

Bush Hall, London

From its use as a rehearsal space for The Who, to hosting Amy Winehouse and Adele’s earliest headline shows, Bush Hall’s Lara Coker-Hutchins and Charlie Raworth rally their support for full artist recognition from an independent, grassroots level.


“The music plays an important role and it really helps us set the perfect background tone for our customers to enjoy their visit.

Being an independent business we know the importance of being recognised for your craft. This is why we fully support any business or organisation that is helping independent artists get paid accurately.”

John Rampello Managing Director, Bluebells Restaurant

"The system for too long has been quite vague. Money seems to flow into pots where we don’t really know where it is and we don’t really know who it belongs to.

This is a great way of really understanding and recognising music in a way that we can use that data to make sure the right people are getting paid for the right plays."

Mark Davyd CEO, Music Venue Trust

"The music we play goes with the theme of our bar. Local bands are also the DNA of the space.

I’m happy when a famous artist gets to perform here, but the most important thing is to have a loyal following of up and coming bands that want to play."

Thomas Everenos Bar Owner, The Pipeline

“There is a lot of data out there in the world. It’s really useful for artists and everyone that works with them; their labels, distributors, managers. For them to be able to see that the fruits of their efforts are paying off.

For all of our members it’s absolutely vital that the data flows through correctly, that the right people are recognised for the music that is played publicly so that the right artists are paid at the end of the day.”

Gee Davy COO, Association of Independent Music

“Particularly in an underground, grass-roots venue. Independent artists, independent venues and correct payments and royalties all go hand-in-hand. If we can make a small step and a small change in what we’re doing—that in the grand scheme of things means the right people are getting the right recognition—then I can’t see a negative.”

Lara Coker-Hutchins Commercial Director, Bush Hall

“The FAC represents over 4000 artists and most of them are song writers. We provide a collective voice for those artists.

The core of what we do is to aim to create fairness and transparency for those artists. This initiative completely aligns with our aim.”

David Martin CEO, Featured Artists Coalition

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Recognise The Music Week

The ‘Recognise the Music’ campaign has announced its latest evolution, marked by a series of events, hosted by new campaign partners Fuller’s, Livelyhood pubs, the British Beer & Pub Association, and powered by GigRealm.

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